Expat Business Club® Germany - more than a network.

The idea behind the Expat Business Club®

Basically, all founders are facing the same challenges, especially in the beginning. If you are an Expat trying to gain a foothold in a foreign country, the challenges can be even bigger.
A network of reliable experts and partners with a fundamental understanding of expat founding in Germany builds a solid foundation and helps you overcome all challenges. The Expat Business Club® Germany is a platform where expat founders and freelancers are formed and empowered to start their own business in Germany!
“The perfect mixture for your business success is a rock-solid foundation, a strong community, and reliable partners – with this your business will get success!”
Birgit Heidenreich
Founder Expat Business Club®

Facts about our Founder


Nearly 12 years of experience as business consultant.


University degree in Business Administration (St. Gallen, Switzerland)

Work experience

Work experience in the banking & leasing industry


Expertise in working with board members and managing directors of DAX companies as well as strategy consulting for SMEs


Changed her business model to fight bureaucracy and support enthusiastic expats to make their businesses a success

Why I founded the Expat Business Club®

After working as a business consultant for more than 11 years, it was time for me to complement and expand my service.
I grew up among expats, and still, my social circle is very international. That‘s why I feel connected to the expat scene in Germany. Some years before I met at various networking events in Munich, interesting internationals from the start-up and freelancing scene, so I decided to offer my service as a business consultant for expats.

All my clients have something in common – their passion for their businesses and their concerns:


I want to set up my business right

I need to make the right strategic decisions

I need to understand German bureaucracy

That led me to the decision to create a platform where passionate expat freelancers, founders, and entrepreneurs would find the support they need to make their business a success. Together with my network of experts, I consolidated the major challenges all expatpreneurs must face, highlighting both the obvious, like the need to have documents translated or getting a new visa, as well as the opaque, like finding reliable experts who offer their services fully fluent in English and culturally aware. 
Clients asked me quite often: how do I recognize the right partners to work with and make the right decisions? Well, now my answer is crystal clear: join the Expat Business Club® Germany! My aspiration is to offer all members high-quality services and benefits. I want them to fully concentrate on their business without worrying about the German bureaucracy or potential pitfalls along the way. If you would like to learn more about EBC, I am more than happy to invite you to our upcoming events. I look forward to getting to know you!

Learn more about the Expat Business Club® Germany and the vision behind it, and join one of our upcoming events.

We are looking forward to welcoming you!