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Handle the paperwork and start your freelancing career successfully!
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Learn how to set-up your freelancing business.
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Simplify your start as a freelancer in Germany - Join the EBC.
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Conquer German bureaucracy. Build a reliable network. Stay up to date.
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Conquer German bureaucracy. Build a reliable network. Stay up to date.

We are a powerful network for expat freelancers and business owners whom we support at every stage with our expertise, services, and network!

It’s always a rollercoaster ride to start as a freelancer in Germany. The bureaucracy can be overwhelming, especially for expats with little experience in the German market and its legal requirements. 
The Expat Business Club® Germany helps you avoid all potential obstacles. Our network comprised of vetted experts and successful fellow freelancers introduces you to the right tools to simplify complex registration processes and successfully launch your freelancing career! 
We are a one-stop shop, offering you our comprehensive services in English to set up your freelancing at an affordable price, helping you to become the expat freelancer and business owner you want to be!


Empowerment Team up fellow freelancers in Germany

We enable you to be an expat freelancer in Germany.

With our expertise and well-connected network at your side, you can:

We make sure you DON’T:

The Expat Business Club® Germany is your access to:

Highly qualified experts​

Free initial consulting from each expert​

A strong community of like-minded people​

Several online events & workshops​

Relevant freelancing news & updates

News & Information

Do you worry about missing some important freelancing and legislative amendments? Don’t worry, we keep you posted about all the top freelancing news and relevant legal frameworks you need to know as a freelancer in Germany. Our news service is like a dynamic checklist for freelancing that helps you focus on your freelancing topics and stay up to date with the rest!


We believe that shared knowledge is the basis to create something unique! Therefore, we encourage exchange between our members. You will become part of our strong expat community and meet like-minded people. Share your story, learn together, find business partners, and exchange experiences and knowledge – this is what our community is about!


Our wide network of highly qualified experts will meet with you for an initial expat consultation to clarify your questions using clear examples and ensure you understand all background information, and of course, all our experts are all fully fluent in English. Meet our experts from various fields, who are all specialized in supporting expats. We enable you to register your freelancing, fulfill all legal requirements, prove your freelancing concept for the German market, and even more!


Attend several online events and workshops to widen your knowledge, meet fellow expat freelancers and enjoy the unique world of Expat Business Club® Germany. All events are organized to support your expat business and you as a freelancer, or one-to-be. We know your time is precious, so spend it right and combine work with pleasure at our high-quality events!

Jumpstart your freelancing, push your milestones forward and grow beyond yourself – we‘ll back you up!

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What others say about us:

Ella W.

"If this had existed as I started my business in Germany, I would have been in there for sure!"

Ella from Australia

Carlos D.
"Excellent service to start running a new business. This will help me to foresee some issues that I could have been sure of without the Expat Business Club."

Carlos from Mexico

Antonio S.

"This is a great idea! I am happy to be one of the first members of the club."

Antonio from Portugal

Neraj N.

"The best 30 € you can spend on your business. This group is not just about establishing your business but building a relationship with great people who are experts in their domain from entrepreneurs to investors. This group is amazing."

Neraj from India

Quang N.

"What an awesome idea – we definitely needed this here in Germany!"

Kelly from USA

Kelly M.
"This simplified my search for reliable experts
when I started my business in Germany. Excellent idea!"

Quang N.


Rohan W.
"I am super excited about this club and being a member of it.”

Rohan from India

Natalia K.
"What a great project for the expat community in Germany
that brings a huge benefit to all members.”

Natalia from Russia

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