What others say about the club

Expat Business Club Germany
“If this would have existed as I started my business in Germany, I would have been in there for sure!”
Ella W.
“Excellent service to start running a new business, this will help me to foreseen some issues that I could have for sure without the Expat Business Club.”
Carlos H.
“This is a great idea! I am looking forward to be one of the first members of the club.”
Antonio S.
“The best 49 € you can spend on your business. This group is not just about establishing your business but building a relationship with great people who are experts in their domain from entrepreneurs to investors. This group is absolutely amazing.”
Neeraj N.
“This simplifies your search for reliable experts if you want to start doing business in Germany a lot. Excellent idea.”
Quang N.
“What an awesome idea – we definitely need this here in Germany!”
Kelly M.
“I am super excited with this idea of the club and looking forward to hearing from the experts. Definitely joining it to be a member.”
Rohan W.
“What a great new project for the expat community in Germany! I´m sure it will bring a huge benefit to all members.”
Natalia K.