Expat Business Club Germany - Membership FULL-SERVICE (Startup)

Expat Business Club Success

58,31 Euro

* incl. VAT (where applicable)

Expat Business Club Germany -

The community for your business success in Germany!


You would like to start your business in Germany successfully?

You already started and now you´re searching for the best support to get your business a success?

Then you need to become an exclusive member of the Expat Business Club Germany!

Who is it for?

  •  Everyone who’s an employee now and dares to start the entrepreneur’s journey in Germany!

  •  Everyone who already started and is searching for the best support for business success!

What you can expect:

  • Experts: You get access to our exclusive network of highly qualified experts in all areas like patents, legal consultation, taxes, marketing, insurances, visa requests, translations, business culture and negotiation, pitch training, and many more! Of course, our founder, Birgit Heidenreich, is also part of the expert team and is responsible for the business consultation. (priceless!)

  • Consultation: The experts offer our members an initial consultation free of charge! (price: ~ 1.000 Euro net)

  • Services: Expat Business Club members get the best service from our experts – all of them are hand-chosen and offer a high-quality service! (priceless!)

  • Courses: We promote you in the best way! You can join regular online courses on topics around your founding! Members get special deals at the regular price! (saving: ~ 180 Euro net)

  • Community meetings: We organize community meetings exclusively for our members! Here you create your business network! (priceless!)

  • Top business news: we inform you about the top business news. Changes in legal requirements, deadlines, important information and much more! (priceless!)



  • Business Club Membership 12 months / 49 Euro p.m. excl. tax (58,31 Euro incl. 19% VAT) in total 699,72 Euro

  • Your saving ~ 700,- Euro incl. 19% VAT (concerning the value of the free consultation and the special deals on the online courses)

  • Details of the Membership: Membership of 12 months, can be terminated to the end of the membership, without cancelation it will get extended automatically to 12 months.


Are you ready to reach the next level of your business success? Then you need to join the Expat Business Club!


Please note that all products and consulting services offered here relate to Germany. The information mentioned may differ in other countries.

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