Have a look at who´s behind the Expat Business Club.

Birgit Heidenreich

Founder Expat Business Club | Managing Partner CBC Ltd. | Expat Business Consultant

Some words about my professional background.

I have been working as a business consultant for more than 10 years. I worked as a bank clerk and studied business administration (BWA St. Gallen, Switzerland). In my early days, I worked in the banking and leasing industry. Here I was liable for some board members and managing directors of DAX companies. When I ventured into self-employment in 2010, I was able to gain some experience in strategy consulting for SMEs and thus broaden my knowledge.

A few years ago, at various networking events of the Munich startup and freelancer scene, I met interesting people who burned for their business idea but struggled with setting up their business, taking the right strategic decisions, and were overwhelmed with the bureaucracy and therefore sometimes already in trouble.

For this reason, I decided to change my business model to support passionate freelancers and founders to get their business a success. To see how my clients get their dreams into reality is way more than just a job!

Why I founded the Expat Business Club Germany.

Founders are all facing the same problems, but expat founders are facing some more.

First of all, there are obvious facts like, a needed change of the visa or to have documents sworn translated.

But not just the obvious facts can become a pitfall. As an expat founder, you will need to find liable Experts who offer their service in English for reasonable prices.

My clients often asked me to help them to identify the right partners because they worried about taking the right decision.

And so the idea was born – I´ll found a start-up club exclusive for expats – The Expat Business Club Germany!


If you would like to know more about the club and also would like to get to know me, I would like to invite you to join one of our upcoming events.

I´m looking forward to welcoming you!