The German tax system

The German tax system Germany has several different tax types. The types are income tax, business tax, church taxes, sales taxes, property taxes, taxes for income made by investments, gift and inheritance tax, final tax, vehicle tax, and insurance tax. In this article, we explain to you the tax types which are related to freelancing […]

Global Business TV Talkshow

The Global business TV Talkshow, published and hosted by Edwin Cohen, is a link-maker. He want to bring together people from across the region and from across the country, from across industries and silos, from across borders and cultures.  Our founder, Birgit Heidenreich, was a guest and spoke to the moderator, Ed Cohen, about why […]

Useful tools

Cooperation partner & useful tools Cookie Banner Borlabs Cookie is an easy-to-use GDPR cookie consent plugin for WordPress that allows you to integrate cookies such as retargeting cookies like Google AdSense via opt-in. JavaScript is activated and the cookie is sent only after your visitor gives their consent by confirming a cookie notice. Click here […]

Lockdown Economy – Interview

Lockdown Economy is a volunteer-driven socio-economic and educational movement. It is recognized as an “Accelerated Action for risk mitigation and recovery effort during the COVID-19 crisis” by the United Nations: #SDGaction36773. In September 2020, it was featured in the Information Brief to all member states by the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs. Here […]

Cooperation with ShareYourSpace

Cooperation with ShareYourSpace We are proud to announce that we cooperate with ShareYourspace, a startup located in Munich with a strategic investor, Commerz Real AG. ShareYourSpace is a sharing platform to flexibly book and offer available workspaces such as offices, meeting rooms or desks. Startup teams are dynamic and usually need cost-effective and dynamic ways […]

Podcast Interview Business Model

The Business Banter Podcast is a podcast for the Indo-German business community, featuring wide ranging conversations on the issues of matter in business. Our founder, Birgit Heidenreich, was a guest and spoke to the moderator, Gautam D., about why it is important to evaluate the business model before entering a new market. Klicken Sie auf […]